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Taxis vs Uber vs Limousine Service

Convenience is beginning to challenge Excellence when it comes to rogue apps and limousine services. Corporate travel, bolstered by economic growth, is steadily increasing. But given the choice, business travelers are still opting for professional Chauffeured Services.

Though it may be an issue of convenience to order an Uber or taxi cab, price still holds stronger for the Limo companies. According to the average cab rate in major cities is $3.50 per mile with a set airport fare ranging from $67 – $88 and as high as $173.

Uber rates tend to be competitive with cab rates or more expensive. There is a base rate from $7-13, city depending, plus average of $2.31 per mile (plus surcharge that is included in fine print upon joining).

Limousine companies, like this one we used in our case study, charge $35-85 an hour and most offer a package rate including multiple stops and return service for as low as $100.

The topic of confusion pertaining to Uber cannot go without mention. “A recent review of Uber’s complaints was done in March 2014. Consumer complaints allege misunderstanding Uber Technologies’ pricing, being misinformed about the overall cost of the services rendered, and not being made aware of “surge pricing,” or temporary increases in the company’s charges. Some consumers claim that they were told the final cost of the transportation service the company provided (through Uber Technologies’ phone app, the driver, and the consumer’s receipt), only to be subsequently charged a substantially larger amount,” –

This is the type of complaint found across the web. As well as drivers not knowing the city or good, efficient directions, they often don’t heed the route suggestions offered by their passengers. (Of course taxi drivers do this, too.) Uber does not cater to their customers. The independent drivers are not looking for repeat business. Simply making an extra buck because they own a vehicle.

Bottom line, when it comes to rates, all are in the same ballpark. Opting for excellent service from professionals that are trained in customer service and possess a chauffeur’s license, ensures the extra time spent on securing exquisite service is worth it. “For example, the fact that a chauffeur has been entrusted with an extremely valuable vehicle indicates that he or she is a very experienced and knowledgeable person. The chances are that they are also local to the area and will know the surrounding districts like the back of their hand,” – Travel and Leisure – Article Source:

The true value is in the experience. A Limo Service is there to serve their customers and treat them superior to the run of the mill taxi fare. As Registered Certified Licensed Drivers, professionalism is a common practice. They are trained to meet expectations and keep their clients safe and satisfied. There just isn’t a comparison.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?