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Business is Business, Friend.


Why is it so hard to go into business with friends? I have somewhat mixed feelings when it comes to going into working business relationships with friends and family.

I’m convinced that it is somewhat reminiscent of the whole “pride” element that families and friends share and in a lot of cases stubbornness and unwillingness to concede to someone they consider direct competition, either physically or intellectually.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on the grounds floor of one of the largest limo companies in Scottsdale, AZ as well as a privately owned small business in Grand Haven, MI. I have also worked on the corporate level for large companies. So, I have a broad range of experience in the world of business. Corporations can go to hell for all I care. The business structure of corporations, while efficiently run in most cases, are far too nuanced and their focus is too convoluted, and as a business structure they are far more concerned with adhering to a code of ethics that is intended to avoid possible liabilities and resulting law suits they always assume are impending.

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