How To Enjoy the Process of Building a Business

What’s one of the best things you can do to enjoy success as you’re building a business?

Enjoy the process. Don’t be in such a hurry to get through the process.

I know you’ve heard this a million and one times, but it’s true.

Think about it… what are your other options?

Digging holes? Waiting tables?

Spending years and throwing a ton of money to go to college? Again?

Or to get what kind of a job?

Self ownership is the ONLY way to go, but you gotta stick with it. What are the alternatives?

Embrace suffering. Embrace suffering in the name of doing what you’re doing and producing what you’re producing.

Here’s a big paradox, though, because I’m of two minds about it: Don’t be in a hurry, yet money loves speed. The faster you work, the better.

But the big difference is… don’t get anxious if you’re not getting results from your big, consistent efforts. Patience is as important as working hard, working big and moving fast. It’s a vital ingredient.

But enjoying the process is vital. Everything takes time.

It’s a great paradox… everything takes time yet the moment is the only thing you have… it’s always the eternal now.

Interesting, eh?

So how can you apply this practically? Thinking about it is a start, because everything we do starts with a thought. Thinking about good ideas can change your consciousness, and that’s key.

So, when you find yourself feeling impatient, catch yourself. Take a deep breath and remember that the present moment is all you have. If you can appreciate the journey instead of projecting yourself into the future and basically fantasizing about what’s yet to be, you’ll have more power to act on the things that need being done now. You’ll have a clearer mind.

Try it. It’s legit. It might sound silly. But your mind is your most valuable asset, so why not start there? Controlling your mind by being conscious and making a conscious choice about HOW you’re going to feel is very, very powerful. It will change your whole life.

Take a breath. Breath can often control or soften thought. Breath is silence and silence is how you tap into the present moment and enjoy the journey. When your mind is loud and says things like “Why aren’t I there yet? Why is this taking so long?” you’re not in your power… you’re not enjoying life, you’re not enjoying the journey, and you’re less effective at what you’re doing in the moment.

Silence of the mind, which starts with the breath, is the seat of power. You can achieve great things! By staying present.

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