Entrepreneurship is the New Black!

There are so many people in our current modern day society that are just okay with their jobs of servitude to big corporations and businesses and have just succumbed to the idea that “this is it for me”. I call this sort of apathetic ideology as “working on someone else’s goals and dreams”. While this may work for these people, and it has obviously been accepted by the vast majority of people out there, there happen to be plenty of others that have a higher level of expectation set for themselves and these people have an insatiable drive to reach those expectations and to exceed the goals they set for themselves…and to do it how THEY see fit!


With technology growing by leaps and bounds every day, anyone with the kind of drive that these people possess has all the tools they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace. I personally have a lot of business owner friends that have utilized the tools available to them to gain great success. They started out with rather marginal results, but they stuck with it because they continued to work at it and all that time and effort, all those “little” things added up to massive success. They have every faith in their ability to succeed with the use of these tools. One of my closest friends owns a window tinting service and he has very effectively employed the use of social media marketing to gain exposure and recognition in his particular niche. He has seen amazing results, and all because he was determined to do it for himself; to achieve HIS dreams, not someone else’s dream.

Talk about EMPOWERMENT! Entrepreneurship is all about empowering the individual to achieve their own goals and have their own success.  For the persistent individuals with a burning, insatiable drive within them for success, the results are nothing short of RICH. In this day and age, there is most certainly a far greater amount of indicators pointing people to achieve their own success. To have a high standard of merit and to achieve that high standard and to see the rewards that follow should be motivation enough! Knowing your dream and having a clear sight of your goals and possessing the determination to outlast any adversity it how you succeed! I personally love that I do what I WANT to do and not what someone ELSE wants me to do for THEM. And if I’m going to be completely honest and blunt, screw punching a clock! I am highly productive and have MY routine solidly in place. I set weekly goals and it doesn’t matter how I achieve them or on what day of the week I do, as long as I do. That requires a lot of self-starting and discipline, which I have, but some people just don’t have. I do believe it can be taught though, so there’s still hope for you undisciplined saps.

Anyone that lived through the 90’s saw the movie Office Space, right? Well, while that promotes ripping off a company, it also is an accurate description of my overall disdain for the corporate mindset and the TPS Report style of business. It is a brain sucking approach to the business world. Why does business have to be so monotonous and boring? I used to work for the corporate offices of Eddie Bauer and it was just awful. It’s because the people working for these companies are not making the money they wish they were making, and most likely never will, and they are stuck it constant repetition. Data analysis, data collection, data reporting…data, data, data…report, report, report. FUCK reporting! Reporting means I’m reporting TO someone. I report to myself. Period!

While this may seem a bit egotistical at its core, maybe it is. But how else are you to be? I find it far more egotistical to have thousands, and in some cases millions of people all working to achieve YOUR dream while simultaneously repaying them as little as necessary to keep them moderately satisfied. I am determined, and have succeeded in doing so, to do MY work for ME. Achieving this has garnered very substantial results in my life. That is powerful. When you can alter your life and well-being by your own merit.

Employers nowadays make far greater sums of money than their employees do or can ever hope to make, with very few exceptions. There is no time like the present, and it is time for the inspired individuals that possess the motivation and the wherewithal to rise up and rip their lives out of the hands of corporate America, regain their independence, have their dreams realized once again!

There are a lot of recent examples of small business owners and entrepreneurs doing this all over the country. Thank goodness we are starting to think for ourselves!

So, rise from your desk in your faceless corporate firm America! Flip it the bird on your way to achieving your OWN dreams!

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